Posted on Sep 19, 2017
September 19th
Simi Sunset was treated to yet another honored guest, as we welcomed the newest Simi Valley Chief of Police, David Livingstone...
Simi Sunset was treated to yet another honoured guest, as we welcomed the newest Simi Valley Chief of Police, David Livingstone.
Police Chief Livingstone is a Simi valley native that decided to become a police officer after working graveyard shifts at Foster's Donuts and meeting the Simi Valley Police officers who would talk about there job "when there guard was down."  We are grateful that he worked at Foster's Donuts which lead to him becoming the Police Chief of our great city.  
Police Chief Livingstone gave a great speech about the City of Simi Valley and its Tier 1 crimes.  Tier 1 crimes are property and violent crimes, or crimes that need to be reported the FBI.  Violent crimes, such as rape and murder are down, but property crimes are up a little from last year, and Livingstone urges our citizens to make sure there doors are locked at all times (home and car doors).  He also recommends that you think of installing a RING (Door) system that will notify you if someone is coming to your door.  When compared to other cities in the LA area Simi Valley ranks highest in solved crimes, due to geographic location (one way in, and one way out), the citizens of Simi Valley being diligent and reporting crimes, and of course the hard work of the 114 police officers that serve Simi Valley.
Police Chief Livingstone then opened up to tell us a little bit about the challenges of SVPD, and what in store for the future.  SVPD's future challenges will be monitoring the city after January 1st, when smoking Marijuana becomes legal in the state of California, and monitoring the Parole citizens of Simi Valley.  The Chief informed told us that SVPD's next major training will be riot control.  Livingstone would also like to 
Simi Sunset would like to thank The Chief of Police for making time to visit us, we would also like to thank all the police officers that serve the city of Simi Valley.