Posted by AOM on May 08, 2018
Simi Valley Community Garden. click here for there website---->
Robbie Hidalgo presented to the best Meduim Sized Rotary club in our district about the Simi Valley Community Garden.  His first question "how many of you know the Simi Valley has a Community Garden?"  Half of the members lifted their hands to show that they knew that we had a community garden.  Just in-case you are like the 50% that had know idea, the community garden is a 3 acre plot located on Sinaloa between Royal and L.A. Avenue, and in order to access the garden you have to go through the parking lot of the Seventh Day Adventist Church until you see this:
The Simi Valley Community Garden (SVCG) is doing great things for the Simi Valley community, and Robbie and the rest of SVCG are hoping that this will catch on all over the country.  Here are some of great things that they are doing for the community with the help of volunteers.
Social Feed: A city wide way to help with families that are having food insecurities. Last year SVCG goal was to raise 5,000 lbs of sweet potato's for Simi Valley, they raised 7,826 lbs of sweet potato's.   for more information click here--->
Sharity Garden: SVGC has many things growing in the Garden, and they help by donating food the Samaritan Center of Simi Valley.  SVCG sent an additional 2,000 lbs that grew they grew themselves.  For more information click here---> 
Free Farmers Market: SVCG has been hosting a FREE FARMERS MARKET the last tuesday of every month, at the SVCG site.  for more information click here--->
see a video about the SVCG Free Farmers Market by clicking here--->
We would like to thank Robbie for his time, and sharing the good work that the SVCG is doing.