Posted on May 01, 2018

Nat Gertler is an award-winning writer with experience in books, magazines, web, TV, and comics.

In comics, he has been a writer and an entrepreneur. He has written and spoken extensively about the artform. In addition to his general comics knowledge, he is a specialist in the works of Charles M. Schulz, creator of "Peanuts".

He also works as a publisher, an editor, and provides freelance ebook and comic book services.

The Negro Motorist Green Book
1936: $675 cars, people were traveling across the country.  Diners, hotels and other services made it easier for white people travel.  Try to imagine traveling around the United State in 1936 as a black person.  It wasn't easy because for people of color, there were plenty of places that were segregated or didn't allow for black people all together.  

The green book, started by Victor GREEN,  was a guide book to show what places that black people can go to eat, stay, and other services (barbers, etc..) as they travel across the country or to other cities.   Victor Green got most of these by networking with other black post men about places where black people can go.  Although the guide book didn't include all places black people could go, it included all that were known.  

The Green Book was useful until the civil rights act passed.  Not that some places don’t discourage black people from going to place.
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