Posted by Ryan Mills on Jul 07, 2020
The New President's first meeting never goes as planned in Simi Sunset. While they try to conduct a true meeting, the club has a different agenda. Immediate Past President Joey planned for shenanigans. While Prez Mark thought we were struggling to get online (to the Zoom meeting), we all changed our names to "Reconnecting..." and a bunch of us went to the Birdie Bar to have some food and drinks. While there, Mark tried to get some words in, but the sounds of horns, birds, "elk calls," and the newly established chant, "Markus," were too overpowering. A couple times Mark was "muted" by the Zoom host so the club can talk about other things. Somehow, Mark was able to share his slideshow, but he was promptly removed from the Zoom meeting. He eventually made it to the Birdie Bar, showing off his, "where are my paaaants?" garb. We gave him a warm welcome and tagged his truck. As Mark said, we showed him nothing but love. It's gonna be a great year, Mark! Good planning Joe and Mike!