Posted by Ryan Mills on Jun 22, 2019
At the end of every Rotary Year, we have a little fun by kicking out our current President. In usual fashion, we made her do things out of the ordinary throughout the day. She was dressed in an old flight attendant's outfit and was told to give flight instructions to strangers. Apparently she sang, willingly. By the time she got to her final destination, we had created "Ferry Land" -- a magical land of fairies at The End of the Road (AKA, Chuck's House). Guests were told to come as fairies and/or Raider fans (She is a Bronco's fan). Dinner was served and some well-constructed skits were presented, again, poking fun at her expense. At the end of the night, she was able to give out her awards for the year.  THANKS FOR A FANTASTIC YEAR, LINDA!!!! For those interested in a PG Version of our event photos, please click here: ONLINE PHOTO ALBUM