Posted by Ryan Mills on Oct 23, 2018
Tonight's speaker was  Geoff Dean, Ventura County Sheriff, who shared with us all the great ways the Sheriff's Department is protecting it's community. Sheriff Dean is the 19th Sheriff of Ventura County and a 40-year veteran of the Ventura County Sheriff's Office. He is a lifetime resident of California, born in Los Angeles and raised in Simi Valley. Geoff and his family are residents of Camarillo. He has been the Sheriff for the past seven years.
What he spoke about most was how technology is changing the way he runs his operations. Specifically he mentioned drones with infrared and heat cameras to catch criminals and find lost hikers, body-cams that "aid both sides of the badge," and mobile apps with facial recognition. He also made mention that if homeowners have installed Ring Doorbell (a doorbell with a camera that captures live feeds), they can utilize the footage, with permission, to help with investigations.
He later mentioned that Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley have always been the safest places to live in the county.
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