Posted by Ryan Mills on Jul 23, 2019
Our speaker tonight, Fernan Diamse is a U.S. Navy Veteran of 14 years. He served as a hospital corpsman with the fleet marine force in various parts of the United States and in South East Asia. He is a volunteer and currently serves as the Veteran Engagement Director for Team RWB (Team Red, White & Blue). Team RWB's mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity. Fernan spoke passionately about how his organization helps veterans get reacclimated into society after serving for a number of years. He mentioned that being in the field for 14 years (with some vets serving for 20-30 years), was almost like prison, in the sense that he was out of touch with society. Finding this organization has helped him dramatically and he is returning the favor by helping others. He went on to explain all sorts of different activities Team RWB puts on: social events, fundraisers, racing (both virtual and physical), bike riding, kick-boxing and much more. A touching moment happened when one of our own veterans, Chuck, stood up and thanked Fernan for his services. Chuck mentioned the difference between him coming home from serving without organizations like Team RWB and his son coming home from serving with organizations like Team RWB was drastically better.
Fernan mentioned that becoming a member of Team RWB is free for both Veterans and civilians. For more information visit their website:
Top marks for getting Red, White & Blue shirts in the photo!