Amber Landis with Big Brothers and Big Sisters spoke with us last night.
Learning about the groups dedicated to doing good is always a pleasure.  Last night we spoke with Amber Landis from Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  She provided information about how the "Bigs" and the "Smalls" are paired up, How long of a commitment the Bigs sign up for and that in many cases the pairing goes way beyond the initial period.  Doing anything to make a child's life better is always worth it.
Along with our speaker we were visited by Simi Sunrise and Noontime clubs.  Kate O'Brien from Noontime joined us to provide information about their upcoming all you can eat pancake breakfast.  We were also joined by Larry Borovay and Bill Kelpper seeking assistance with the upcoming Octoberfest next month.  Sneaking in a little late we were also blessed to have former District Governor and Simi Sunrise member Savi Bhim join us.  It is always a pleasure speaking with her.
One last great thing that happened last night was that Fred Ladezma was purposed and accepted for membership.  We look forward to your induction Fred.