Posted by AOM on Apr 10, 2018
805Aging takes all aspects of well-being into consideration when working with an older adult. We are a non-medical practice, but speak to the social, psychological and general health needs of elder care.

The phone rings in the middle of the night… We’ve all been there and we all know alarming news awaits on the other end of the line. Whether it’s one major crisis or a growing number of catastrophes, as our elder population continues to increase so do our caregiving responsibilities. But are you prepared for that phone call regarding your aging loved one? Amy Genson Guss of 805Aging can help alleviate some of that panic by providing hands-on assistance, stress relief and practical elder care strategies to families in crisis, as well as to those who simply recognize the need for expert geriatric care management.

Elder care encompasses a variety of tasks ranging from, but no limited to, managing medications or talking to doctors; helping with bathing or dressing; or taking care of household chores, meals, or bills for someone who cannot do these things alone.


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