Posted by Ryan Mills on Oct 30, 2018
Instead of our traditional meeting, we took a trip to visit one of our very own member's place of business. Stephanie Sieminski is a Sales Operations Manager at Cydcor.
Cydcor started in Canada and is becoming a leader in outsourced sales. Each department is fully focused on its mission within the company. As a whole, that allows them to significantly grow and achieve unmatched sales results for their clients. Their team members work seamlessly together to provide support and solutions for their clients and the sales representatives in the field. Their culture of collaboration internally and with clients ensures that they provide the world-class solutions that they're known for. 

Cydcor was recently voted one of the "Best Places to Work" for the ninth time by the Los Angeles Journal. On our tour of the facilities, we got to see why -- open spaces, technology, and a great atmosphere. It just happened to be Halloween the following day and their office was decked out! Not just the traditional pumpkin here and there... Completely decorated with graveyards, cobwebs, movie themes, and candy galore. They even had a room set up for scaring unknowing visitors on a PC game.
Stephanie allowed the club's kids to participate and planned a scavenger hunt with goodies and prizes. Very well thought out and executed. I can see why this is one of they best places to work. Thanks Stephanie!
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