2016-2017 Awards

 2016-2017 Simi Sunset Club Awards

Best Medium Club in the district, Here’s our past President  (Ryan Mills) with our new BELL!!!!   

Best Medium Club in the district Foundation:  Congrats on another good year Rick Grossman

Best Medium Club in the district Youth Services: Congrats Michelle Schwabee on a great year.

Michelle and Rick will be going for the honor two years in a row as they will serve as the youth services chair and the foundation chair again.

Allocations meeting

As Rotarian’s we work hard all year to be able to give back to our community.   We give back to a variety of organizations and groups that help us out during the year.  Without some of these groups putting these events together would not happen. Thank you for all of your help.  Here are some of the groups we gave money to.   If you are interested in volunteering for any of the groups, please click on the link to get started.

K9s for Warriors

United Way of Ventura County

B.A.C.A. Bikers Against Child Abuse

Free Clinic of Simi Valley

YMCA of Simi Valley


Moorpark College Foundation

The Samaritan Center of Simi Valley


Paul Harris Fellow Bill Saunders

Today marks a very special day for Bill Saunders. After his induction in to the club in March of 2016 Bill has repeatedly shown himself to be a capable and willing Rotarian.  In Bill’s first year he co-chaired with Lizzy the Simi Valley Howl-o-ween Poach Parade.  This year he is our club’s Sargent of Arms (He is determined to protect that bell).  Along with being Sargent of Arms, Bill is currently working on the clubs Beer Festival which we plan to re-launch sometime in the summer of 2018.  Today we celebrate his first Paul Harris Fellow award. Congratulations Bill Saunders!

Shoes for Little Soles 2017

Every year, our club in partnership with Kohl’s Department Store, donates money to assist children in need to purchase school clothing and shoes. The children are selected by the local Samaritan Center.

This last Friday, our Shoes for Little Soles event had 24 recipients receive the giveaway. Our club along with the help of Kohl’s had many volunteers show up to help enrich the lives of these children. The event was organized by our club Community Chair, David Howe.  As usual, Dave did an excellent job, and Simi Valley Sunset Rotary club came in to help with one of our favorite events all year.  To the well deserved students, have a great school year.

This year Simi Sunset spent about $4,400 on the event, Kohl’s generously gave about $3,500 in discounts, and approximately $800 in Kohl’s cash was generated to give to the Simi Valley Samaritan Center.

Tabitha Christopher: Author, Speaker, Storyteller

Tonight the club had the great pleasure and honor to host Author, Speaker and Storyteller Tabitha Christopher. Tabitha was born and raise on St. Thomas on the US Virgin Islands and her tumultuous upbringing allowed her to harness the power of story telling to not only share her amazing story of overcoming obstacles, learning forgiveness and self love but also help spread her inspiritional message  to the Youth. Tabitha has worked with the three Rotary Clubs of Simi Valley for several years in a row now attending and speaking out the annual Youth Empowerment Summit (YES!) and has a new show “My Secrets and the Power of Forgiveness” she is currently touring nation wide. To learn more about her amazing story please visit: https://www.tabithachristopher.com/

Lara Satler : Rotary Youth Exchange Program

The club hosted Lara Satler tonight, a participant in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. Born and raised in Brasil, Lara prepared a fantastic presentation about her home and took the club on an amazing, colorful and often quite humorous adventure to the cities, jungles and cultures of Brasil. Lara did a great job of detailing the processes through which you qualify for the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, how you choose your country, and how spending a year in the United States has changed her life forever.


To learn more about the Rotary Youth Exchange Programs please visit: https://www.rotary.org/en/our-programs/youth-exchanges


The Rotary Club of Simi Sunset hosted their 8th Annual Tea Party today. The sold out event held 160 guests at the Strathearn Historical Park & Museum here in Simi. The even was a huge success with a spectacular ‘Best Hat’ and ‘Fanciest Hat’ contests, Scone contest, several dozen silent auction items and a very exciting live auction with amazing prizes such a 7-day stay at a resort and spa in Mexico. Johanna’s Annual Tea Party will back again next year in May so if you missed the opportunity to attend this year, be sure to look for tickets and information on this website in 2018!

David Ralphe – Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center General Manager

The club had the pleasure of hosting David Ralphe, Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center General Manager, as their speaker tonight. Mr. Ralphe is a life long thespian and has spent the last twenty plus years build, develop and grow the arts right here in Simi Valley. Mr. Ralphe shared with the club the rich history of the building the Cultural Arts Center calls home, as well some of the biggest challenges and successes in his drive to bring and grow the arts in Simi Valley. For more information on the Cultural Arts Center please visit: http://www.simi-arts.org

Service above self!