Tabitha Christopher: Author, Speaker, Storyteller

Tonight the club had the great pleasure and honor to host Author, Speaker and Storyteller Tabitha Christopher. Tabitha was born and raise on St. Thomas on the US Virgin Islands and her tumultuous upbringing allowed her to harness the power of story telling to not only share her amazing story of overcoming obstacles, learning forgiveness and self love but also help spread her inspiritional message  to the Youth. Tabitha has worked with the three Rotary Clubs of Simi Valley for several years in a row now attending and speaking out the annual Youth Empowerment Summit (YES!) and has a new show “My Secrets and the Power of Forgiveness” she is currently touring nation wide. To learn more about her amazing story please visit:

Lara Satler : Rotary Youth Exchange Program

The club hosted Lara Satler tonight, a participant in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. Born and raised in Brasil, Lara prepared a fantastic presentation about her home and took the club on an amazing, colorful and often quite humorous adventure to the cities, jungles and cultures of Brasil. Lara did a great job of detailing the processes through which you qualify for the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, how you choose your country, and how spending a year in the United States has changed her life forever.


To learn more about the Rotary Youth Exchange Programs please visit:


The Rotary Club of Simi Sunset hosted their 8th Annual Tea Party today. The sold out event held 160 guests at the Strathearn Historical Park & Museum here in Simi. The even was a huge success with a spectacular ‘Best Hat’ and ‘Fanciest Hat’ contests, Scone contest, several dozen silent auction items and a very exciting live auction with amazing prizes such a 7-day stay at a resort and spa in Mexico. Johanna’s Annual Tea Party will back again next year in May so if you missed the opportunity to attend this year, be sure to look for tickets and information on this website in 2018!

David Ralphe – Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center General Manager

The club had the pleasure of hosting David Ralphe, Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center General Manager, as their speaker tonight. Mr. Ralphe is a life long thespian and has spent the last twenty plus years build, develop and grow the arts right here in Simi Valley. Mr. Ralphe shared with the club the rich history of the building the Cultural Arts Center calls home, as well some of the biggest challenges and successes in his drive to bring and grow the arts in Simi Valley. For more information on the Cultural Arts Center please visit:

Local Legend: SVPD Officer Kristen Mesa

Tonight the Rotary Club of Simi Sunset had the distinct honor and privilege to host and award the Local Legend Award to SVPD Officer Kristen Mesa. Officer Mesa went above and beyond the call of duty in assisting a local family that had fallen victim to vandalism just before Christmas.

On December 16th this family awoke to a disturbing sight: all of their exterior decorations had been viciously vandalized. All inflatables had been slashed, the power lines to their lights had been cut and their home had been spray painted. Officer Mesa came across pictures of this vandalism while performing her duties at the police station and at seeing how distraught the young four-year-old at the property had become with the destruction of her favorite decoration “Chase” – a character from the popular kids show “Paw Patrol” – she decided to act.

Officer Mesa took it upon herself to raise $60 in order to replace the destroyed “Chase.” She also approached K9 Officer Jason Wilkinson, the handler of Titan, a police dog which looked remarkably similar to the character “Chase” about both of them joining Officer Mesa when she went to drop off the new “Chase.” K9 Officer Wilkinson happily agreed and after raising over $250 from both coworkers and community members Officer Mesa along with K9 Officer Wilkinson, and Titan delivered the new “Chase” along several other gifts to lift the spirits of the young girl whose favorite decoration had be destroyed.

Officer Mesa’s unsolicited actions are a perfect example of the incredible heart our community possesses and how willing our community is to come together to support one of our own. Thank you Officer Mesa for being such an amazing member of our community and police force! Congratulations on being recognized as a Local Legend!

805 Boot Camp: Randy and Sarita Shoemaker

The club has the pleasure of hosting Randy and Sarita Shoemaker, owners of 805 Boot Camp. While Randy discussed with the club various ways to get moving, stay moving and the ways we can remain active even as we get older and the more high intensity activities stop being the best option for staying fit, Sarita was preparing a delicious vegan lentil stew. Sarita reviewed the recipe with the club and using her amazing pressure cooker was able to put together and fully cook her amazing stew in just over 12 minutes while she and Randy presented and answered questions.

To learn more about Randy and Sarita Shoemaker and their business visit:

Congratulations to fellow Rotarian Cynthia Conway for being named January’s Rotarian of the Month! Cynthia thank you so much for everything you have done for President Ryan and the club!

PS: due to the holiday break we had to celebrate both of our amazing monthly Rotarians on the same day

Service above self!